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A Lot of Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Our methodology uses technology to apply quality circle techniques to knowledge.

Most knowledge management services are built around document management software.
The Good2use methodology recognises that this only organises documents. It doesn't promote understanding.

Documents express knowledge and that knowledge needs to be integrated with other knowledge. Documents may refer to concepts and jargon that are unfamiliar to the reader. Without an integration process that knowledge will not be understood and, therefore, contain less value than it might.
The knowledge expressed in one document may appear to be at odds with that expressed in another. This causes confusion for the reader. An integration process smoothes this out.
It checks

  • that the apparently contradictory pieces of knowledge are valid
  • for the missing condition that links the contradictions and therefore expands the overall knowledge.
For example:
  • Statement 1 never borrow money
  • Statement 2 always borrow money
Two very opposing points of view, The missing link is:
'Always consider the total cost of a transaction. When rates of borrowing are less than inflation, negative real interest rates, the cost of borrowing is likely to be less than saving money in an interest bearing account , also earning a negative real return, in order to pay cash. Conversely, when rates of borrowing and deposit are higher than inflation, it is likely that saving in order to pay cash will be the best course of action.
Any discounts for cash need to be considered.'

Two points to note

  1. In order to integrate conditions have to be established. Both statements have merits but the overall knowledge is more complex.
  2. Concepts and jargon will often enter in order to support those conditions.
No matter how complex the document management software it cannot be used to perform this task.

The Good2use methodology bridges this gap. It integrates technology and the only resource that can bridge the gap - people.
That recognition of people also means that Good2use recognises that it is often inappropriate to consider that expertise should be considered hierachical. That means - anyone can have a good idea or an opinion.

Knowledge management will be to the 21st century what steam was to the 19th and electricity to the 20th. The Good2use methodology brings that promise several steps nearer.

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