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Take advantage of the New Technology.

With the methodology your enterprise can truly work as a team and be a learning organisation.

There is a good deal of hype about the wonders delivered by the newest information technologies in an era characterized by knowledge as the critical resource for business activity. Some technology experts and academic scholars have, however, observed that there is no direct correlation between IT investments and business performance. This conclusion is also supported by the industrywide analysis of IT investments by technology economist Paul Strassmann. In his book, The Squandered Computer (Economic Press, 1997), Strassmann concludes that there is no relationship whatsoever between computer expenditures and company performance. On a similar note, John Seely Brown, director of the Xerox Park Research Center in Palo Alto, California, underscores that in the last 20 years, U.S. industry has invested more than $1 trillion in technology but has realized little improvement in the efficiency or effectiveness of its knowledge workers. Brown attributes this failure to organizations' ignorance of ways in which knowledge workers communicate and operate through the social processes of collaborating, sharing knowledge, and building on each others' ideas. The approach used by can assist you in achieving this by making use of knowledge networks.

A knowledge network is a method whereby knowledge can be shared and contributed to by a number of interested parties. The network will have at its centre a knowledge base. This is a repository of knowledge 'owned' by a number of individuals recognised for their expertise.

The concept of a knowledge base is nothing new - a book is a knowledge base. The difference is that a knowledge network allows the use of the knowledge base to interact with the expert(s) responsible for the knowledge base. This reflects the fact that knowledge is not a static entity but a dynamic one.

By allowing the user the means to feedback to the expert(s), points can be clarified and mistakes rectified - rarely is one person the embodiment of all knowledge in a particular area- and to encompass areas the original expert(s) felt not to be worthwhile including. That is, the knowledge can be both deepened and widened. This process, when associated with individuals, is usually referred to as 'experience'. In effect, the knowledge base 'learns from experience'

Of course, such a process cannot be left to its own devices; otherwise it would be anarchy. In order to bring some discipline to the process a 'gatekeeper' is required. The 'gatekeeper' is a knowledge engineer who controls the interaction between the user and the expert(s). can provide this expertise.
Furthermore, gaining access to expert knowledge isn't as simple as it may seem. Some knowledge will reside with recognised experts and some with the users of the knowledge base. Both need to be motivated to share that knowledge. can help here as well.
Last, but by no means least, the knowledge base needs to be tested. Good2use can also provide assistance here.
In fact Good2use can provide an end-to-end process for establishing and bring knowledge bases into productions.

Training is another way of sharing knowledge. Knowledge management can augment the training process and so improve both training productivity and the productivity to be enjoyed from training.

The simplest way to facilitate this organisation is via the Internet. This provides not only access to the knowledge base(s) but also a communication path between all the interested parties. The following diagram is a representation of the concepts.

In order to demonstrate this technology, we have constructed a Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) knowledge base.
This highly controversial, worrying and mysterious condition can be tracked via our knowledge base. Each page contains a search link so that a search may be made of the entire knowledge base and a feedback link. The feedback link will give you access to a message board where both questions and documents for discussion can be posted.
Knowledge network technology allows you to fully participate in this learning experience for the whole planet.

In addition, to demonstrate that we can make your knowledge secure, there is a simple consumer law knowledgebase. This shows how you can make your knowledge widely available to your workforce or customers but secure and therefore away from the gaze of competitors. As with the BSE one there is a feedback process. To use this knowledge base you will need to login as user good2use with the password knowledge.

Enter the BSE knowledge base

Enter Consumer Law Knowledgebase

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