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  • The objective is to achieve market beating capital growth.

    • Are you happy with your pension investments?
    • Is your investment money working for you, rather than a fund manager?
    • Are your ISA's and stocks giving you the financial growth you need?
    • Do you feel in control of your capital growth investments?
    • Are you on target to achieve your financial freedom plan?

    As with people, young companies grow quickly and mature companies, whilst capable of providing decent returns, do not. The issue of growth is a constant problem for mature companies. E-bay, for example, in pursuit of growth bought Skype for $ 2.6 billion only to have to write-off $ 1.4 billion in 2007. Not surprising as Skype didn't make any money. Obviously E-bay thought they could do something with it.
    Similar problems of growth attracted Google to YouTube and Microsoft to Facebook and are likely to end in the same financial failure as neither YouTube nor Facebook make any money to speak of.

    We aim to match investors with those entrepreneurs who are going to be the next big thing. These are young companies that ARE going to provide high growth.

    We offer entrepreneurs the facility to present everything from business plans to demos of their product BEFORE any contact is made between investors and entrepreneurs or any payment made by entrepreneurs (investors face no charges). As a result, it is a highly cost-effective and efficient way of identifying business opportunities.

    For those in search of an existing business to buy, we provide a facility for those wishing to sell a business.
    Once again, because such a seller can present a full-pictre of their business online, it means that a potential buyer can take a good look at a business BEFORE making contact with the seller. Yet again, a cost-effective and efficient service.

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