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    How It Works

    When you register as an entrepreneur you can describe up to three business ideas.Having registered and logged on, you can add supporting documentation for those ideas.
    When a potential investor wishes to contact you he or she will contact Good2use.com first and we will contact the entrepreneur. The enrepreneur is then asked to pay a one-off contact fee of £50. This fee will allow any potential investors to contact you and remains active for 30 days.

    Once payment has been made, we will pass the entrepreneur's contact details to the potential investor and then it is for the two parties to progress the inquiry.

    The development of doable business ideas is as much art, or luck, as anything else. You can use a structured approach, but having the right background, being in the right place at the right time, and working hard to create lucky breaks are just as likely to produce a sound business idea.

    In order to have others share your vision, so that they might invest in you, it is important to reach out to those potential investors and answer the questions they haven't asked yet.

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