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    Good2use offers a number of services to individual businesses.

    • Business cases For £19 you can access our business knowledgebase for a year. It contains knowledge on
      • Business case writing
      • Business planning
      • Book keeping - you will need to keep track of your business finances if only for the government!
      • Cashflow management
      • Handling Effective Meetings - don't waste time and effort
      • Internet Business models - one of the easiest markets to enter and one of the most difficult to make money in
      • Management Accounts - turn data you have to keep anyway into a productive use
      • Marketing - more than just advertising. What makes your business stand out?
      • Planning - it's a clich but failing to plan really is planning to fail
      • Valuing Private Firms - buying an existing business can seem a good idea, existing customers and products. But it's very, very easy to pay too much.
      Or, if you would like some help with producing a business case contact us for a quote .
    • Exploit knowledge within Sage
      If you use Sage its database is a little gold mine, but it needs to be mined. We can offer procedures that will bring you closer to your customers and where they are going.
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