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    Good2use.com is a business portal delivering web-based services. www.good2use.com/invest is a web-based matching service for investors seeking investments and entrepreneurs seeking capital. In addition we support a Business Directory where business may submit a free listing.

    We also have examples of how products can be integrated in an online environment (see our News section) and how generally IT can be used to improve productivity in a business (see our Home page).

    We understand the need for entrepreneurs to control their costs in the early stages of their businesses. Our site is an extremely efficient way of bringing entrepreneurs and investors together. It is not uncommon for similar services to charge 10 times our fees. Furthermore, some Angel Groups may well wish to be involved in the deal and will take a substantial commission. Once initial contact has been made, we allow you to deal directly with investors without the need for any further involvement on our part. After the initial contact fee there are no further costs and there is no commission to pay. We simply provide the portal to make the all-important first contact.

    Some of the greatest opportunities start from under-capitalized entrepreneurs who cannot get traditional financing from banks. By making use of previously unavailable technology like this website, there is now a greater opportunity than ever to bring both parties together to finance the next great enterprise. Whatever the idea, good2use.com/invest provides investors with a place to choose from a growing variety of investment opportunities and entrepreneurs with the chance to find much needed capital.

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