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Understand your personal financial possibilities

How to :

  1. Spend less than you earn to enable savings, buying a home, pensions and investment. Are you spending wisely?
  2. Build an emergency fund ('rainy day' money), vital for both periods when your source of income may be lost or unexpected expenses. Avoiding pay-day loans is a must.
  3. Fund a mortgage. Far better than paying rent and the insecurity of renting. But a mortgage is a big commitment and needs to be approached carefully.
  4. Protect both financial and personal assets (e.g a family). They need protecting with insurance. But not all insurance is good insurance/
  5. Grow old safely. An income in old-age independent of the state is very desirable. But the future is always going to be different to now and with many ups and downs along the way. Managing a pension is an increasing challenge.
  6. Invest wisely. Investments are the icing on the cake. When everything else is under control this can be very rewarding but also risky (no reward without risk).
There are also a number of financial tools to help at each stage.

You can sample the knowledge base by clicking here.

Note: This knowledge base is not intended to give advice on any particular financial product. It simply serves to explain the concepts and processes behind personal finance. If, after consulting the knowledge base, you still require advice on particular investments you should consult an IFA.

As with all our knowledge bases, we provide a feedback system because we recognise that we're not perfect, but we are willing to learn.

If you don't understand something
If there's a hole in our knowledge
If we've simply got it wrong
then you can tell us

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